Woodland Cemetery, McHenry, IL
Monuments & Markers

1.  Only one monument or marker may be placed on a grave in an area designated by the Cemetery.

2.  Effective January 1, 2010 ALL Monuments and Markers must be granite only with a concrete base of 42
     inches below ground level.  NO CONCRETE WASHES ALLOWED.

3.  Foundation and setting of the monument or marker is the responsibility of the seller of same.

4.  No monument or marker shall be allowed on any grave that is not paid for in full.

5.  All niche plaques are to match existing niche plaques.


1.  Upright monuments are permitted on any grave, except those excluded in Paragraph 2 below, and are not
     to exceed 18 inches in height.

2.  Only markers flush with the ground are permitted on all graves bordering both sides of the road, two graves
     deep or 19 feet on the north and south side of the road.


1.  Only markers flush with the ground are permitted on Blocks A & B.

2.  Either an upright monument or marker flush with the ground is permitted on Blocks C & D.

3.  The width of any marker is not to exceed 23 inches.

The cemetery as the right to vary these rules as they feel necessary from time to time.
Internment Regulations

1.  No tomb shall be erected upon ANY grave.

2.  EVERY casket shall be enclosed in an outer burial container (vault) of concrete or
     equal material.

3.  Only ONE vaulted burial is permitted per grave.

4.  Vault burials will be only one deep.

5.  No interment of any body or the cremated remains of any body, other than that 
     of a human being, shall be permitted in the Cemetery.

6.  Only TWO cremated remains are permitted per grave OR one vaulted burial AND
     one cremated remains are permitted 
per grave.

7.  Only TWO cremated remains are permitted in each grave.

8.  All cremated remains, either in-ground burial OR placed in a niche, are required to be in a sturdy nonbiodegradable container.  It may be constructed of concrete, marble or any like material approved by the Cemetery.
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